NutriBullet VS Nutri Ninja

NutriBullet versus Nutri NinjaThe two brands are synonymous with smoothie drinking, simply due their affordability and accessibility. You can buy either from just about anywhere and if you look to sites like you can grab a bargain on one of these guys just about any day of the week. But which one is the best?


Simple side by side comparisons aren’t all that helpful once you get past the base models. The main difference between them though is that Nutri Ninja offer more options for your blending needs and there are 5 product lines in play, the newest being Ninja Chef Blenders and Ninja Intelli-Sense Blenders released in 2017.


NutriBullets’ range ends at the latest bullet and they are so happy with their product, they haven’t released a new model since 2014.  The NutriBullet RX is the newest version of this machine that you can get and it’s generally priced under $200.

So what sort of extras can you expect from the two new lines of Ninja’s compared to the NutiBullet RX?


NutriBullet RX

–          2.3 horsepower and 1700-watt this model is more powerful than any other in the range,

–          Bigger cups reduce the earlier models issue with size being a problem for most, the biggest being 45 ounces,

–          It uses smart technology and knows how much you put in the cup and how long it blends for,

–          It makes soup, yep you heard right, and in 7 minutes. It will also blend, chop, grind and shred,

–          It’s microwave safe,

–          A blade removal tool and the option to replace them has fixed earlier model complaints.

Negatives – Previous models cups and blades are not interchangeable.


Ninja Chef

  • 1500-watt 2.0 horsepower,

–          72 ounce pitcher with a push button clean cycle,

–          10 Auto-IQ programs to make things like dressings and nut butters,

–          Back to the 4 prong blade unlike older models,

–          Variable speeds,

–          Single cup option goes straight on the base and is then recognized by the machine.


Negative – Only has a 1 year warranty.


Ninja Intelli-Sense Line – base model Blender Duo

–          1200-watt 1.6 horsepower,

–          3 tier blade system like other models,

–          3 manual speeds,

–          Touchscreen controls similar to the Vitamix

–          8 Pre-set programs like smoothie, snow cone and dough,

–        Smart-vessel technology that adjusts according to what container gets used,


Negatives – programs work on a timer not amount of ingredients used.

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